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How to keep the bride looking fresh for the big day

Your wedding day is a day that you want to look and feel like the most beautiful bride from day to night. Well, you can. With a simple bridal beauty planning as I call it. I will list the steps any bride should take just to make herself look and feel refreshed all day and night.

1. You will want to have your skin glowing. I would recommend making sure to take off you makeup at the end of the evening. There are number of ways you can do this. The one I found most helpful is to have a facial several times a month before the wedding. This will help clear all of the dead skin cells, open up your pores and moisture your skin.

2. If you are not happy with your smile then you can work on your smile. There is teeth whitening professionally or even an over the counter will do. If you are happy with you smile then well this can be marked off you list.

3. Make sure that you choose the dress as early on in the wedding as possible as this is one of the centerpieces of around the ceremony. There are several items to check on you dress list. You will want just the right amount fit. Yes a dress can be altered, however you want to make sure that there is not to much room that when you are dancing the night away with man that something falls out.

4. Do your research on hairstyles, aside from the dress this will be another major centerpiece of the ceremony. Choose a hairstyle that will fit the look of your face. If you need assistance with picking a hairstyle I recommend visiting a salon and they can try out several hairstyles or even your hairstylist for the wedding day can help.

5. choosing the right manicure is next on this list. Your nails will get a lot of attention as everyone will want to see the ring after the ceremony. You will want your hands looking like you could be a hand model.

6. Up next is your makeup. You will want to have a test run on this one. You will want to make sure that you have the perfect makeup artist. I would recommend checking out several different ones before deciding on one. Have each one show you what they can offer you. If you are doing makeup yourself, then try out a couple different styles. It doesn't hurt now if you don't like it but it will on your wedding day.

7. Eating a light meal the night before will do wonders. This will help prevent you from feeling bloated and will assist with having no issues with getting into your dress the next day.

8. Making sure to get a long good nights sleep is the ultimate key to looking and feeling refreshed. Lack of sleep can do a number of things on you body including bloating and bags under the eyes. You don't want to be at your reception and be so tired that you need to leave early. After all the reception is supposed to a good time.

Those are my eight thoughts on how to look and feel refreshed for your big day. More helpful advise coming at you soon. Look for the additional posts.

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