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Planning a Wedding during a Pandemic

Hello Everyone,

There have been questions running through the minds of so many couples as to what can be done during the pandemic when your wedding is already scheduled. Because I have had this question so many times, I thought I would outline what a couple can do just to help ease some stress.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you breathe. Yes, we are in uncharted territories, however everything will be okay. The number one issue that I have found with most couples is that they are not sure where to start. So, you have your date, you met with vendors, you have most details worked out already. Well take a deep breath and go back to square one.

If holding you weeding or event is not a feasible option given when it is scheduled, you will want to talk about an alternate date. So you may have to push it off for another year. The whole purpose of getting married is to spend your life with the one true love that you have found. So what is another year? If you truly cannot wait to get married. Think about holding a civil ceremony where it is just you and your fiancé and two witnesses. Then plan you big wedding as a vow renewal ceremony when it is safe to do so.

If you are able to reschedule your ceremony then pick a date that is meaningful to the both of you. This will make the planning process so much easier and brides it will help you man remember the anniversary. Cause lets face it not many men can remember dates the way we do.

The next item up if you have to reschedule your dates is to contact your vendors if you are that far into planning. Most vendors will work with the couple if that date is available. I recommend speaking with the vendor and determining a date that works with all of your vendors. If one of your vendors is not available for your date, then okay lets locate a new vendor. You never know there could be a special going on.

Now you have rescheduled your date and contacted your vendors. What is next? Well if you have already sent out save the dates or wedding invitations, this is where you will want to send out a massive email to let your guests know that your date has changed. You will want to make sure this is done in time so they can make appropriate changes to their schedule. I have found from having to reschedule events and weddings that the vendors that do the invitations are really great at updating the invites with your new date for little to no fee. So no need to stress on this one.

Now that those have been completed. If you are one of those couples that secured insurance for you wedding day. You will want to contact your insurance agent to confirm if something like this is covered. Depending on the plan you have selected and secured you may be good to go. If not okay no worries.. just ask to update the wedding date and move forward to the next task at hand or find out if there is another plan that you can secure that covers most instances.

While yes you are worried about your dates and everything you need to do. You also need to focus on the guests who are going to be there to support you and make your dream come true. Make a plan as to what you can do to help your guests. For example if you have a room block for hotels, contact them to find out if you can negotiate a full or partial refund on behalf of your guests or if you can just update the room blocks to accommodate your new wedding date. Make sure to speak with the General Manager and explain the situation. Most of them will understand are there to help.

Now that the primary issues are handled. Let move on to what you as a bride and groom to relax. It is okay to grieve over a wedding date after all you put in the time and money to make your special day as memorable as possible. Even though you had to reschedule and possibly not even get a date you really want it is okay to be upset, now the trick is to not let it take hold and cause any relationship issues. Just talk it out with each other. You both are going through this together. It is no longer me it is we.

Now that you have your grieving out of the way. Celebrate the original date anyway. How might you do that? Well plan a romantic dinner for the two of you. Right new vows and say them to each other (keep the real vows a secret until the wedding day). Plan a movie and wine night. Just make it about the two of you. After all that is what the wedding is about.

Well my fellow subscribers. This is about all I have for you as all major points have been hit. One last word. Go relax and know that everything will be okay and you have this in the bag. Until next time. Watch for more blog posts coming.

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